Aching Back? You Might Need Chiropractic Help

Don’t endure agonizing pains in your back. Enlist the help of a chiropractor for relief from pain and stress.
Most people go through life enduring, persistent back aches. These aches may begin as a sign of a sedentary lifestyle, or they may be the result of a chronic condition in the spine. Either way, a visit to the chiropractor is in order.

What does a chiropractor do?
A chiropractor is a health care professional who is trained to make certain adjustments to the body’s joints to alleviate pain and chronic aches. This is not a new practice by any means – ancient Chinese and Indian medical practitioners speak of using chiropractic in healing joint aches and pains. He or she may also work on the nerves and superficial blood vessels that may have shifted as the result of strain, exercise, accidents, etc. Though chiropractic is aimed at the spinal cord and vertebrae, it can also alleviate headaches and correct blood irregularities.In most cases, however, a chiropractor work on the vertebrae and its adjustment. It is a branch of holistic healing that employs the body’s power to heal itself with the bare minimum of external help. A chiropractor may also prescribe mild pain killing drugs to help the patient during the treatment cycle.
How does the chiropractor know how to heal?
When the body is in pain, the nerves in that area send signals to the brain, which rightly interprets the signal as ‘pain’, thus making us aware that some part of our body is hurting.
The science behind a chiropractor’s work hinges on knowing which specific areas of the spine to target to ease stress and pain. He or she will focus on the misadjusted parts of the spine that are sending out pain signals, and get to work on those. This maladjustment is known as ‘subluxation’, and it is the chiropractor’s job to pinpoint its location and fix it.
However, the problem is never solved with just one or two sessions, and people may have to go for adjustments every two weeks. Over time, however, the visits may taper off.
What else does a chiropractor do?
The science of chiropractic is not confined only to working topically with the patient’s body and pain centers. A good chiropractor will seek a holistic snapshot of the patient’s lifestyle, his or her health history, work habits, general constitution and tolerance of pain. He or she will also suggest a change in lifestyle and diet to aid faster recovery and longevity of treatment. A trained chiropractor may also suggest nutritional supplements and blood tests, but these should be referred to the person’s doctor first. Additionally, the chiropractor will prescribe specific exercise.