Baby Fat

No not the cute little babies with their rolls of fat but the fat that occurs during and after pregnancy for a lot of ladies. Some women bounce back no problem and can exercise their way back to a flat, tight tummy but others may need the help of a tummy tuck to regain even some semblance of their former shape. This is because the skin has stretched so much during the pregnancy that it cannot regain its former shape and the abdominal muscles have pulled away and cannot be tightened by exercise alone.

Now an Abdominoplasty procedure is not for everyone and you should really leave it until you have had all of your children, so that you will have no need of going through the surgery more than once. It is like any surgery there are risks involved and the least amount of times you expose yourself to the risks the better off you are. There are plenty of horror stories out there where women have had half their stomach eaten away by an infection, the belly button has been put in the wrong place, the scar that is left from the procedure is ugly and obvious.

There are many things that can go wrong and it is a lot of money that you are looking at, around seven or so thousand dollars. A lot of women are lured overseas where the cost of the surgery is much lower but this leads to higher risk of infection, you need to find a place where you can stay while you recover that will have a nurse on hand to help you after the surgery and then there are the travel costs to and from the country, also see this great orthopedic surgery.

If you figure in all the costs and the risks that are involved you are much better off trying to find a plastic surgeon in Australia that will do the procedure for you and make sure that you get a comprehensive list of past clients and what their results were. Also ask for a list of possible complications and side effects of the procedure you are going to undertake.

To aid in recovery time and better success of the surgery, get yourself healthy and fit before time, give up smoking, eat healthy and exercise, make sure it is a plan that you will be able to keep after your recovery, not some quick fix diet that will make you lose weight. You need to make healthy choices before and the procedure and plan to follow them after the surgery and recovery has been completed to give you the best chance of a complete and infection free experience. The healthier and fitter you are the more likely you are to bounce back to normal quicker and once again be on your feet and participating in your normal life.