Brad Pitt

The first time I laid eyes on Brad Pitt was in the 1991 movie, Thelma and Louise. Pitt played the role of JD, the sexy guy who hitches a ride in the women’s car, has a one-night stand with Thelma and robs them. Back then, I remember thinking what a pretty boy Pitt was. However, like good wine, he has aged well. And what a bonus that he is also a very talented actor who can play almost any role in any genre.

Nevertheless, with his acting and good looks aside, the thing that impresses me most about Pitt is the way he has used his high profile to help humanitarian causes: supported the ONE Campaign which combats AIDS and poverty in the developing world; supported Yele Haiti which helps people in Haiti; a $1 million donation to Chad and Sudan to help people affected by the Darfur crisis; a co-founder of “Not On Our Watch,” which brings global attention on stopping mass atrocities; founded the Make It Right Foundation which helped to build 150 sustainable and affordable new houses in New Orleans after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina as well as donating $5 million towards this cause; established the Jolie-Pitt Foundation with Angelina Jolie and to date has donated over $16.3 million to help humanitarian causes around the world such as Global Action for Children, Doctors Without Borders, the Daniel Pearl Foundation, UN refugee agency, etc. Nothing is sexier than a man who looks beyond himself to help others who are less privileged or disadvantaged.

Even though Brad Pitt is a father of six today, he still makes me and many women go weak at the knees. Yet with all his good looks, it is hard to imagine that Pitt struggled with acne and has the scars and skin texture to prove it. One way he could reduce the appearance of acne scars on his face is through several treatments of laser hair removal in Adelaide. With approximately five to eight treatments around 10 days apart, microdermabrasion can effectively treat acne scarring and other skin conditions such as congested skin, acne prone skin, open pores and blackheads, pigmentation and blemishes, find lines and wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, premature aging, scar tissue and ingrown hair.

But when you have the good looks, fame and fortune of Brad Pitt, do you really want to change the way you look? Maybe not. However for the rest of us who haven’t made it big yet, maybe a little help with some form of skin rejuvenation in Brisbane treatment will make us look younger, fresher and as a result, stand out in the crowd especially when competing for jobs alongside young graduates. On second thoughts, never mind a job, I might do it simply because I feel younger than I look and am not ready for these pesky age spots to reveal themselves to the world.