Don’t delay the best aged care possible

Regis understands the importance of aged care. Elderly people are not meant to be treated like the vermin of society. We are not meant to neglect them just because we think they are no longer our problem. You may find that some sitcoms consider elderly people a punchline and thus treat them with contempt. In real life, that kind of treatment leaves a poor taste in many people’s mouths. Therefore, Regis does its best to deliver the best and most types of aged care possible.

One type of aged care they offer is Dementia Care. As the name suggests, this aged care service offers care and guidance to sufferers of all types of dementia. It could be an early onset of dementia; it could be a sustained case of dementia. Whatever the case, Regis understands what it can mean to suffer this condition. They provide separate dementia-specific aged care units or wings for residents who require extra security. This ensures that the residents do not have to feel like they are in physical danger. Click here for more of  the important details.

Another type of aged care that Regis offers is Respite care. This is a special type of aged care service that is available for residents who cannot regularly receive the typical aged care arrangements. This can also be necessary for residents who need an extra level of support that isn’t usually available. Regis takes the extra step to provide the Respite care, especially when the person is particularly ill. It may also be necessary to issue Respite care for residents who normally live alone and worry about receiving the right care. This type of aged care can be particularly crucial for residents who no longer have relatives or friends who can support or care for them.

Transitional care is an interesting type of aged care that Regis offers. It is classed as interim care for residents who need to transfer from acute hospital care to taking the trip home. If the resident needs extra care to ensure that he or she is healthy and ready for departure, this is the aged care service that they require. In particular, Regis has arranged transitional care in facilities that partner with Area Healthcare Networks. There are many facilities within the transitional care service that can benefit the residents and the carers. These include low intensity therapy or access to a social worker.

The last type of aged care that Regis supplies is the Community care. These aren’t quite as direct as other care but can be just as useful. The Community care services contain a range of support services to allow people to live at home and completely regular living activities. Community care is available to all residents under Regis’ care. For the sake of treating residents like regular person, Community care endeavours to provide them with things they need for a regular, healthy lifestyle.

Regis knows what it takes to supply quality aged care.