Energy Healing Products: A New Treatment Option For A New World

Today, we live in a world where it is possible to cure any type of illness irrespective of whether it is physical or mental. These conditions and pain are nothing but just a bunch of particles, which are a result of energy patterns within us. Nowadays, numerous people around the globe appreciate the idea of healing with the help of energy. It is a surprise as how can we speed up our treatment just by participating actively in our own healing journey.

Tesla plates is one such energy healing products, which are accepted as an antidote to all the negative vibes prevailing in our body and mind because of enhanced use of cell phones, computers, tabs, etc. It is believed that by placing them strategically around the house, office, in the car or on our body, we can neutralize electromagnetic radiation in the environment. In simple words, these plates create a protective shield and safeguard us against the harmful effects of radiations.

How does the plate works

The aluminium plate is firstly quoted with protective oxide layer and then coloured. This alters the molecular structure of the place and makes it vibrate in tune with the energy of universe. As energy healing products, these plates are believed to treat all types of illness and pain.

For instance, if someone is burned, the normal vibrational rate of tissues in burned areas is modified and as a result, this causes pain. Now, when you place the plate near the burnt area, it will help normalize the vibration rate of tissues, reduce pain and accelerate healing.


Users claim that these plates not only reduce negative energy and protect against harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations by using tesla plates, but also relieve headaches, migraine, toothache, back and body ache. However, the suppliers don’t provide substantial evidence to back it up. Suppliers claim that Tesla plates are not for medical use and its use is not an alternative for any sort of medical therapy. However, there is no evidence that proves that the plate causes any sort of harm.

Energy healing is an ideal healing option for:

  • Pre natal babies
  • Small business owners who are stressed out.
  • People undergoing major life transitions like marriage or divorce
  • People who have undergone surgery, it quickens the recovery process.
  • People who have gone for organ transplant
  • People suffering from long term illness

Products used for energy healing are very gentle tesla energy pendant. They have no harmful effects whatsoever nor do they interfere with any sort of medical treatment. The only effect these products have on your medical treatment is because they speed up recovery and gradually reduce the need for medication.