I Want To Detox My Body, Too

For the last years, Hollywood celebrities and famous people in sports and modelling have made of “tea detox Australia” a trending word. Some of us do not even have the slightest clue of what they are talking about, but if they are trying it, why shouldn’t we, right? It sounds very tempting to look something like Beyoncé or any of the Victoria’s Secret Angels! 

To start to understand why celebrities are so into detox, first we need to know what this word means. It is the short term for detoxification and it is related to getting rid of toxic substances that hurt your body, generally alcohol or drugs, but now it also includes damaging food. It is not such a bad idea to worry about what you are putting inside your body, since you are going to live with it at least for the next fifty or sixty years, if not more!
Detox consists of eating healthier food and drinking water and teas that will help cleanse your body and will eliminate all those toxins that are affecting your fitness. Going through this process has its benefits: your hair looks silky and it shines more, your skin is smoother and it glows and you may even loose a couple pounds in the process.

Purifying your body is not as difficult as it sounds. It requires of a strong will and some little switches in your lifestyle and eating routine to successfully achieve your goals. But you should be careful and patient. You cannot expect to see results immediately, because since you are about to change your habits, your body might resent it. To begin with, you should eat more vegetables and less animal protein. Salads with lots of green vegetables and fruits are an excellent option to start eliminating the toxins in your body. Oatmeal, flax seeds and almond or rice milk are other good alternatives to improve your diet, too. You should drink water or tea instead of carbonated or artificially sweetened beverages.
If you are not a huge fan of plain water, you can switch it for teas that are a little bit more tasteful and clean your body effectively because of their herbal or medicinal properties. Almost all of detox teas help to take care of the liver and the most popular are artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle or garlic.

Artichoke tea is really good at toxin elimination and it also regenerates liver cells. Dandelion tea also takes care of the liver and activates the emanation of bile and is said to be of great help at getting rid of cancer- causing toxins as well. Milk thistle has benefits like regenerating the liver cells and it protects it from certain substances that are extremely harmful. Garlic tea is incredible for cleansing the entire body. These are only a few examples of herbal teas that work marvels for your physique.

Remember that you just need to be conscious that change does not happen in a second, but with a little moderation and disposition you will see the effects of your efforts!