Sticking to Your New Year Resolution

While it’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution to stay healthy when you’re all caught up in the holiday buzz, sticking to it may be harder than you imagined. Two weeks into the year and you may find that you have yet to make it to the gym or to sign up for that yoga class you intended to take. Don’t get disheartened, you can still stick to your resolution and it may not be as hard as you might think. What’s guaranteed is that you will feel a better and more confident in yourself having fulfilled your goals.
Set a realistic goal

Going to the gym three times a week seems daunting, and if you have a hectic schedule, chances are you’ll pick bingeing in front of the television at home over going to the gym. Consider instead walking to work or the local supermarket instead of driving. Rather than putting yourself on a rigorous diet that will find you giving up and diving into a tub of ice cream on day three, buy slimming supplements that will allow you to enjoy a treat occasionally without the guilt.

Each of these alternative goals are not only easier to stick to but will also make you feel good about yourself. A short walk will energise you and you can easily buy slimming supplements made of all natural ingredients that will make you feel healthier and better about yourself.

Ask a friend for support
There’s nothing like having your own support group cheering you on each day as you strive to stick to your resolutions. Share your goals with a friend and keep in touch each day on how you’re doing. Maybe schedule a weekly meet up where you take a brisk walk to buy some fresh juice and catch up with a friend at the same time. Having a friend along for the ride will make sticking to your resolutions more fun and being able to share your achievements will only motivate you further, check this if you want to buy vitality supplements online.

Track your progress
Sticking to a resolution is hard, especially if it’s about reaching a fitness goal or staying in shape. Progress is often slow and it’s unlikely that you will see results overnight. Track your progress and set yourself small milestones or goals to reach, as this will keep you motivated and increase your sense of achievement.

Celebrate in style
Reward yourself on occasion for sticking with your resolutions. Have a fun night out with some friends or splurge on a gift for yourself. It’ll motivate you and serve as a reminder of what you can achieve when you set your mind to it!