Tea For 14 Days

Don’t be fooled by the advertising that proclaims that the 14 day tea detox is a starter kit and you should move onto the 28 day detoxification regimen, the two week program is fine and will flush out your system and rid your body from toxins. The companies that distribute and make these products simply want you to spend more money and do the longer detox. Why should you do a program like this, especially as some of the side effects can be unpleasant, well if you smoke, drink alcohol regularly, indulge in mind altering substances, eat a lot of fatty and sugary foods, then occasionally it is a good idea to give your system a good flush out and get rid of substances that are lingering in your colon, kidneys and liver.
This allows them to function more efficiently and also with your liver it will start to repair itself if the damage has not been too dramatic. You do need to be careful of what teas you imbibe and have a good look at the ingredients in them, as some can be detrimental to a liver that has some damage and can make the problem worse. So if you think that your liver is not working to full capacity, go and get a liver count done before taking on one of these tea detoxes and get advice from your doctor before starting. 
They might not necessarily know too much about the herbs so get what advice you can from your medical expert and then head to the nearest health food shop or naturopath and armed with both sets of facts you should be able to make an informed decision as to which tea would be the best for you and your situation. The problem is that many people just order up a tea and have no idea what it is they are drinking and then are really surprised when they start having physical symptoms, that are not mentioned anywhere on the webpage where they bought the tea.
This is because the people who provide the drinks have no idea of your medical conditions, what medications you are on and if you have any allergic reactions, it is up to you to get to the bottom of the reactions you may have before purchasing. Take a look at the list of ingredients, research what each separate herb does, and look for adverse interactions, both with other medications and existing medical conditions. Look for studies that have been done into the herb and get a balanced opinion by looking at both scientific studies and from herbal pages. Each will have their own bias and it is up to you to sort through all that information and make your own conclusions, remember just because it is on the computer screen doesn’t necessarily make it so, the more information you have the better chance you have of making the right choice. Looking for 28 day tea detox program, go to http://www.teadetox.co.uk/the-28-day-tea-detox/