Using The Right Contact Lenses

Your new contact lenses could be harming your eyes and your vision. Read on to know more.For people with less than perfect vision, the only solutions eye doctors can offer are spectacles or contact lenses. Several people choose the latter, because contact lenses are often the more appealing solution – they sit invisibly in the eyes and are a ‘hidden’ way of correcting one’s vision problems.
Say your eye doctor has just checked your eyes and recommended that you wear spectacles. Instead, you chose contact lenses. You purchased a new pair of lenses and your doctor has checked and approved it. Now comes the tough part.
Your lenses may actually cause harm
You may have purchased a pair of excellent Acuvue moist contact lenses and you have followed all the instructions before trying them on. But far from the comfort and ‘invisibility’ that your new lenses promised, your eyes are feeling swollen, watery and irritated.
A slight feeling of a foreign body being present in the eye is normal, but your contact lenses should not give you too much discomfort. If you have followed all the usage instructions carefully, there is no reason for your eyes to feel scratched, itchy and watery. Some people report heavy secretion from the eyes when they wear their lenses, while others say that their eyes feel very dry when their contact lenses are on.
In severe cases, people may actually feel that they cannot see very well with their lenses. The world often appears slightly blurred, or they may experience a ‘halo’ around their peripheral vision.
If you persist with your Acuvue moist contact lenses despite feeling irritated with them, you may cause untold harm to your eyes in the long run. If you feel any discomfort, you should immediately take off your lenses, you can also see this awesome Acuvue trueye.
Why do these problems occur?
No one solution can answer everyone’s eye problems. It is possible that your eyes are extremely sensitive and the gentlest contact lenses will trouble them. However, the problem could actually be an undetected one that the lenses will help highlight. If even after cleaning and rinsing, your lenses still cause discomfort, you could be suffering from an inner infection or iritic. There may even be an underlying problem such as a tiny ulcer on the cornea. Your doctor can take a good look and tell you what the problem and its treatment will be. Once your problem has been treated, clean your lenses thoroughly and use them. It will take a while to get used to them, but with regular cleaning and replacing within a specified time frame; your contactLenses will give you optimum comfort with each use.